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Field Compost Ltd is a rapidly expanding family run business based on a farm near Haverhill in Suffolk. We blend and manufacture a comprehensive range of compost, and growing media products to the highest quality. We enjoy what we do and that is portrayed in our approachable, friendly and helpful ethos. As a result Field Compost Ltd is a brand that is recognised and sought after throughout East Anglia and beyond!
“ High quality
locally produced
products. “

Field Compost Ltd was formed in early 2010 to develop a range of high quality peat free composts, topsoils and mulches. We have over 30 years’ experience in the composting industry.
We are building a sustainable, environmentally friendly business that gives gardeners and growers a true alternative to mass produced peat based products, much of which is imported.

We only use UK products in our blends, many of which are sourced within a 40 mile radius of our base. We hope you join us in experiencing the gardening future now.

Compost Products

Compost, Manure, Dung products

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Continue...

Compost Products include:
Field 1 - Organic Soil Conditioner, Field 2 - Peat Free Growbag, Field 3 - Peat Free Multipurpose Potting Compost,
Field 4 - Organic Fine Grade Lawn Dressing,
Field 7 - Peat Free Seed Compost,
Field 15 - Peat Free Vegetable Planting Compost,
Field 16 - Peat Free Tree and Shrub Planting Compost

Mulch Products

Material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil.Continue reading

Mulch Products include:
Field 8 - Ornamental Bark Mulch,
Field 9 - Pine Play Bark,
Field 10 - Woodchip Mulch,
Field 11 - Pine Pot Mulch

Soil Products

Field Compost Soil products

The upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles. Continue Reading

Soil Products include:
Field 5 - Organic Fine Grade Topsoil,
Field 6 - Organic Raised Bed Topsoil,

The Environment

In England alone, horticulture consumes 2.4 million cubic metres of peat each year. Formed over thousands of years, peat is effectively a non-renewable resource. Therefore, using products that are peat free will contribute towards producing more of our food sustainably.

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